The Math Learning Center of Cape Cod makes math fun for students of all ages! From remediation to enrichment, our goal is to help students love to learn math!

What parents of our students are saying...

What our customers are saying

I just wanted to thank you for being such a great teacher.

I always thought my grandson would never understand math, he struggles with understanding the concepts even though he puts so much effort into it.

You have a gift because he understands when you teach him and now he’s so excited about understanding math. It goes to show you just how important great teachers are and you are one of them; you’re worth your weight in gold.

Grandparents of  6th Grader , Trinity Christian Academy

What our customers are saying

All four of my girls, ages 7-13 have been going to the Math learning center for 3 yrs now. We even left for a year to sail with the girls, and Miss Bridget so kindly offered to do Facetime sessions to help them when they were stuck. The confidence I have seen in these girls, with their math skills is off the charts. They all have a love for math that I never had in school. It is amazing to see them tackle any problem head on and work through things to the end. I can not say enough about the Math Learning Center, Miss Bridget, and the rest of her awesome staff! It is so awesome to see these strong minded math girls! 

Thank you!!!

Parents of  2nd-7th Graders, Barnstable/St. Francis Xavier Prep

What our customers are saying

Our son has studied with Bridget for several years, beginning as just a way to keep math skills fresh over the summer. He enjoyed his sessions so much we continued throughout the school year. Bridget is truly a professional and intuitive educator. She is very flexible in working with us to focus the weekly sessions on exactly the areas that need work. Skills are presented in the way our son learns so it doesn’t seem like work, but just an hour of fun with numbers! We highly recommend Bridget and the Math Learning Center for any student, whether they need additional help or just want to supplement a passion for math beyond what they are getting in school.

Parents of 7th Grader, Sandwich STEM Academy

What our customers are saying

We learned about Bridget through a mutual friend where her son had been seeing Bridget for many years. We started with her when my son was 13 and needed some extra help. He was already a good student, just needed that little extra help. Now 15, we continually see Bridget weekly. She has an outstanding way of communicating. She breaks math down in fundamental pieces. And that is the core of Math. If you do not understand the first start of the equation, you're lost. Every step is a building block. And Bridget is your bridge to connecting those blocks. Highly recommend!

Mother of 9th Grader, Sturgis Public Charter School

What our customers are saying

We have known Bridget for the last 6 years. Throughout those years Bridget has played a role in our children's success and confidence in math. She has an uncanny ability to assess the needs of a child and also their learning style, while tailoring the material to help them understand. If the material is not understood the first time, she simply tries another approach. Each session the kids gain so much confidence and want to do well in math. She teaches them to believe in their ability and to work hard. Bridget is a dedicated, kind and compassionate person and the kids feel comfortable talking to her. We would highly recommend Bridget as a math tutor for your child.

Parents of 6th  and 8th Graders, Barnstable

What our customers are saying

My son Matthew received help in math from Bridget, she really

Gave him confidence, and helped him with his impatience dealing with problems, math and his personal behavior! I would recommend Bridget to anybody who child needs help in math! Bridget is a great person!

Father of 10th grader, Falmouth High School

What our customers are saying

Bridget came highly recommended to us as a tutor for our daughter. It is safe to say she has been able to target the individual learning ability and helped her be successful in her math. We are very impressed and would in turn recommend her to any student needing help honing their math skills.

Mother of 7th grader, Barnstable

What our customers are saying

Bridget is an amazing teacher. She takes a whole child approach and meets kids where they are. As a colleague it was inspiring to see how she reached children. Bridget will help your child crush any barrier making math difficult.

School Social Worker, Sandwich